We The Chain Skimmers are a non-profit organization founded by the love of skiing and dedicated to entertain the NorthWoods!


We have been skimming on the water in front of crowds for 48 years and counting! We began performing in 1970 at the T-Docks in Eagle River but quickly outgrew our space.


In 1979 a great group of Skimmers made history and decided to purchase Lake Pleasant and the surrounding 107 acres. On August 5th 1994 we got to celebrate history one more time and made the final payment on the land; making any past, present and future Skimmers able to call Lake Pleasant 'Home'! To this day the Chain Skimmers are the only amateur waterski team to own and ski on their own lake!

Today, as a team, we still hold a tradition of being a young adult & student run team. Of course with immense help from many families and local businesses! We consist of 30 members from around the world ranging from 12 to 33 but are always looking to grow.

Our success has not come easily but is made possible by our families, local support & of course or audiences! Next time you are in the North Woods, stop by the beautiful Lake Pleasant and enjoy an hour of amazing talent on the water, some funny skits, and maybe even a few beers!


We are always looking for new skiers to join our team! If you have some skills already let us know and we will invite you out to a practice.

If you are just learning to ski or never skied before, we would love to have you join our Jr. Club or set you up with a private ski instructor to improve your skills enough be a star in the show!

© 2018 Chain Skimmers Water Ski Show Team. Proudly created by JMFD

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